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Thread: Zenon client/server issue

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    I am using the Zenon 7.6 Energy edition with 2 computers,1 acting as server and the other as client. I'm facing issues where there appears to be some synchronisation issue between the client and server. Some of the graphics and coloring for annunciation screens which are in the Server is not getting reflected in the Client.(for eg;when a signal goes high and the annunciation window goes red in the server, this is not reflected in the client, but the signal change is reflected in Alarm and event list in the client)

    I've already checked the transport settings and ensured that any change in data at the server is getting updated in the client as well. 

    Please let me know if you need any more information.

    I have already generated new runtime files, reinstalled Zenon and even changed the path of Runtime folder.

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    maybe some graphical design is made in project basing on Internal variables? The variables from INTERNAL driver have setting to be local on each computer, or Network variables. Make sure those internal variables which are color indicators from alarms etc. are all configured to be calculated in the Network, not local.
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