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Thread: MODRTU32 - Preset Multiple Registers (FC 16)

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    Dear Forum Community,

    I am using MODRTU32 driver in order to integrate some IED's in MODBUS TCP/IP. To execute commands I need to write two registers at the same time and when I create a new variable I only find the option 'Preset Single Register (FC 6)'. Is there a possibility to implement commands using Function Code 16 (Preset Multiple Registers) or similar? Or What about another MODBUS driver like MODBUS_ENERGY? 

    I am sharing IED documentation about MODBUS commands.

    Zenon version: Energy Edition 8.00 SP 0 Build 52082

    I would appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.

    Jose Alejandro
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    Hi Jose_Alejandro,

    Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum!

    Typically you would use the driver object type "Holding Register". Variables based of this driver object type cause the driver to use function code 3 for read requests and function code 16 for write requests.

    When you want to write multiple registers in a single request, you will need to activate the blockwrite function of the driver, in the project.ini file. (see the driver help for more information)

    Note that writing multiple registers in one request using the blockwrite feature, will only work for registers that have consecutive offsets. Also, it will only work up to a maximum of 123 consecutive registers in one request.

    "Preset Single Register (FC6)" is a special driver object type that uses function code 6 for compatibility with devices that do not support FC16. Variables based on this driver object type, are write only variables.

    The modbus_energy driver has the driver object type "register" which also uses function code 3 for reading and 16 for writing. The modbus_energy driver als supports the blockwrite feature.

    Best regards,

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