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Thread: Role of Execute Repair in IMM

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    Default Role of Execute Repair in IMM

    Hello Team,

    I have made a demo project and add IMM(Industrial Maintenance Manager) in it.
    I have used zenon internal variable as a switching counter variable.

    Sequence for operation performance:
    1) Configure device.
    2) In maintenance of device assign switching counter value as 50{for warning} and 60{for execution}.
    3) On count 50 in maintenance it shows "warning exceeds maintenance in 10 switching cycles".
    4) After pressing Execute maintenance, we will get next maintenance warning when count reaches to 100.
    5) Done 4 successive cycles of maintenance.
    6) After successive maintenance, if we press Execute repair then it shows popup as "Should the counter be reset". By clicking on YES maintenance takes place.(now count is 250)
    7) As per my understanding from reading Help file that, counter should get reset means after entering 50 value in switching counter it should give maintenance warning but actually it gives next warning on 300th switching counter.

    Can you please tell me exact difference between Execute Repair and Execute Maintenance?
    I have checked this things in Version 7.60 Build52066 and 8.00 Build 53129.



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    Default Re: Role of Execute Repair in IMM

    Hello Rahul,

    resetting the counter actually refers to the internal counter which determines when the next maintenance is due - not the the counter variable. 
    The idea is as follows: if a devices has to be repaired because it is broken, this may or may not reset a maintenance interval. Example: if you have a car accident and brig the car to the garage for repair, you will still require the yearly inspections. 
    This is why with a repair you can decide to reset the maintenance interval or not. 
    Other than that the difference is just in the logging. If you print a report it will display either maintenance or repair.

    best regards,




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    Lächeln Re: Role of Execute Repair in IMM

    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for the information.


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