Hi everyone!

I have just a short question to Zenon logic.

So, we make a test, we would like to communicate with S7 300 PLC, but direct with Zenon Logic (we have a soft PLC and our aim is a PN connection).
By SCADA site operate the communication well, with S7TCP32 but we will not communicate with SCADA in this case.

On Logic side we can make setup a protocol, by variable proberties. For example when we use STRATON, we can communicate with SCADA. And there is another protocol too ; iec60870s,61850s etc.
By Fieldbusconfiguration we can configure a Profinet IO runtime device/controller. We made all of this but no success.

So the question is, that there is a way to build up a direct communication between Zenon Logic and a Siemens PLC?

Thank you,,