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Thread: Events missing from CEL

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    I am using zenon 7.6 Energy edition here at a critical site and there seems to be an issue with the CEL. there was a disruption in the power supply of the server which caused the whole system to shutdown. When the system was restarted, we noticed that the events for 2 days were missing in the CEL. (The system shutdown on 5th at 10 PM, and was restarted on 6th 8AM, we have the events from 6th 8AM onwards and before 3rd 6PM but nothing in between 3rd 6PM and 5th 10PM).

    Does anyone have any idea about what could be the issue here. and also is there a way to make sure the Event list is updated & auto-saved in hard disk at regular intervals, like every 15 or 30 min, etc.


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    Idee Re: Events missing from CEL


    First of all if you need urgent support i would highly recommend to contact your local support first.

    But none the less back to your question,
    You have in zenon the possibility to set up a zenon network therefor you have a server and a standby server so if the system fails on the server the standby will take over and there will be no data lost.

    For further information take a look in the zenon help page for network.

    Best regards 

    Tobias Ritschel

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    Default Re: Events missing from CEL

    When a computer with Windows system looses power supply while writing on the hard disk, then some files on HDD may be corrupted. Then after restart Windows is not able to find or open such corrupted file, or the content of file makes no sense anymore. Typically, most risk affected are files close to place on HDD (or HDD positioning headers) where system writes frequently; thus also already closed files can be then corrupted. 

    It is not possible to protect against this situation by software, only hardware could help. Like Tobias has written: we recommend to use redundant systems, where additional PC is the standby server with copy of all data.

    You can also consider to add an UPS device (an "uninterruptible power source" device) that will provide the emergency power when the mains power fails. The UPS will give you time to shut down the PC properly - Windows will have this short additional time needed to close all files and applications.

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