Hi to all,

maybe this problem is a bit special, but here we go:

We have several AddIns using additional libraries, such as SAP  (sapnco connector using sapnco.dll) and everything is working great.

But when I try to use the SQLite Package, there is always a DLL [SQLite.Interop.dll] missing. Instead of putting it into the ScadaAddIn - Package it is gonna be stored in the plain folder x64 (or x86, no difference).

Where are the files specified, that are gonne be packed in that package? 

Howto reproduce:

  • Create New ScadaAddIn Project as Project Service Extension
  • Add NuGet Packet SQLite and SQLite Core
  • Build your Project
  • Take a look in the myProject.scadaAddIn (open it with zip)
  • than look into Binary.zip
  • there should be the SQLite.Interop.dll --> but isn't.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance,