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Thread: Do not reload AddIn - With function "Reload project online"

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    Default Do not reload AddIn - With function "Reload project online"

    zenon 7.60, AddIn Runtime service 

    Hello COPA-DATA, 

    i am writing because we have some problem with forced reload of AddIn. When the function "Reload project online" is triggered, it will restart the runtime along with the AddIns. 
    I am afraid that we can not influence this behavior, but still i want make sure that there is not some solution how do not restart AddIns if the function is triggered. 
    We have cached in AddIn some data which we do not want to reload again, because it takes some time. 

    Thank you for your time. 
    Best regards. 

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    Default Re: Do not reload AddIn - With function "Reload project online"

    I think you have to rethink your addin and put the cache service in an out-of-process executable that will be started if not present the first time and checked for presence every reload.

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