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    Can we archive 1000 values(array of 1000 variables as per RDA concept.) for 1 second? (i.e. 1 value = 1ms)
    As we have tested for up-to 350 values it appears properly. If we increase the count beyond 350 for one of the entry archived value is shoot up(e.g. 3050599) and next cycle trigger missed.

    We have used straton to generate RDA values. Scan time of straton kept as 1 ms and trigger for RDA kept as 1 second.

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    Dear Nikhilj,

    Welcome to COPA-DATA Forum and thank you very much for your post.

    I am not sure exactly how you got that project sample, but I have a very similar project that was initially implemented in zenon 6.22 (quite old zenon version).

    As this project still used STRATON32 driver for communication between zenon Logic and zenon runtime and this driver is already deprecated, I substituted it with the STRATONNG driver and converted the project to version 8.00. In the new environment I cannot find the bad-values reported.

    Take some time to discover the new project version (attached), but please note that I modified it only for educational and demonstration purposes so that myself or COPA-DATA cannot further take responsibility for it. I kindly ask your understanding.

    Note - I also attached an ARX file (unzip first) with the result in my computer.

    Good luck.

    All the best,
    David Cerdeira
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    Hello David,
    Thanks a lot for help. I got required result.

    I have small question, How much historians we can create using RDA Block Archive?


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