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Thread: OPC communication issue

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    I am using Zenon 7.60 build 56016. I am trying to communicate with opc server, so I have added opc UA client driver. I am able to browse opc server variables but variable values are not updating. There are no red dots on screen which indicates communication loss.
    I have checked log files for it is showing some errors.

    Error - XML Type dictionary XML parsing error.

    Please find following screenshot for reference.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails opc.JPG  

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    Hello sachin,

    The error regarding the XML parsing of the type dictionary does not necessarily have to be the reason why the communication does not work. Another obvious reason why the communication does not work, cannot be immediately seen from the screenshot.

    From the screenshot I can see that an attempt to write a variable fails, due to incorrect access rights. Possibly this variable is read only or read only for the user used to initiate the connection.

    Please configure full (deep debug) logging of the OPC UA client driver using the diagnosis viewer and if possible perform a network packet capture using wireshark, and provide the log files and the network capture to your local COPA-DATA support, for further assistance!

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for your immediate reply...

    some variables are read only that's why there are access write errors in log file. There is problem with reading variable values it is observed that is is showing constant value 1 to variables. Also there is error reading type dictionary - parsing XML [ns=0, i=7617]

    I have checked with multiple opc clients...variable values are updating properly.
    Once I will check by appling deep debug.

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