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Thread: How can I read this two type of Data register?

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    michael_k Gast

    Default How can I read this two type of Data register?

    I have one IED that it has two types of data register.
    one is integer and one is float(IEEE).
    I've attached the table of IED register in this threat that you can see it.
    Does zenOn support this type of data in MODBUS Protocol?
    and i can't find it in zenOn.
    if this is possible,guide me please.

    Best regard
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    Default Re: How can I read this two type of Data register?

    Have you tried to take a REAL variable (of driver object type Holding Register - corresponds to Modbus Function code 03) for this IEEE standard floating-point number represent on 32 bit (2 words)?

    Do you want also to read these 4-words long Integers? In zenon there is no data type for so long integer values, so you can read it only structure of a DINT and UDINT. And then to use MATH driver or straton to convert it in one LREAL (or REAL) value.

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