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    First of all I am new to Zenon and Interested to learn more about the functionality, while working with zenon I am stuck in some points please share valuable advises for the following points

    1.Currently I have configured historian with 15 variables archiving based on event triggered and saving to .arx format. Also the reports working fine with the report viewer calling the RDL file, If the customer wants to access the reports in future from a remote server with 3rd party software can i recommend the SQL server database by exporting the archives to SQL? If so which is better evacuate data to SQL or export function?

    2. Is it possible to export the reports daily,weekly monthly? 

    Please share any example project if available, I would be interested to work around :O


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    Dear Sandeep,

    thank you very much for your post.

    1. While the "Export archives" function only allows to export data to a SQL database and it does not allow to read back the data in the runtime, the "Historian SQL Server interface" allows transparent re-readable data evacuation into SQL databases, so that it is possible to reuse long-term historical data present in the database in zenon runtime, for example, to display long-term curves in the Extended Trend or access historical data to use in a report. The Historian SQL Server interface also allows to evacuate data to a MS Azure service bus.

    Both methods allow any 3rd party software to acces the database as long as the software is configured according to the database table format used by zenon. You can find more information in the documentation topics:
    Manual > Historian > Additional information > Evacuate to an SQL database
    Manual > Historian > Functions > Export archives > General (@SQL)

    2. Yes, you can execute the "Report Viewer: export/print" function on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, by linking the respective function to Time control.

    Finally, the configuration of 1 and 2 is straightforward, so that you should have no difficulties during the process. If you need help please share your concerns with us.

    Good luck.

    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira

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