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Thread: Red dot on the variables display screen

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    Default Red dot on the variables display screen

    In one of my project, I am using zenon operator scada which is communicating over ethernet with two AC-500 PM-583 PLCs in redundant configuration. I am getting red dot on variable displays sometimes for some of the variables and the communication freezes..After sometimes it comes back to normal..When i checked the same varible in codesys, there is no issue..
    Is there any particular driver settings that i should do yo avoid this?
    Can anyone please help me..I have factory acceptance test for my panel in two days..

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    Hello VIVEK_PV,

    Welcome to the COPA-DATA Forum.

    In those circumstances I would first try to narrow down the issue to the variables causing the red dots (INVALID communication bit set) - For example, this can be done by displaying groups of (suspicious) variables in the Variable Diagnosis screen in the runtime and using Diagnosis Viewer to see detailed information about the communication (errors).

    The errors logged in Diagnosis Viewer are shown in rows with the respective driver instance identification and allows you to identify the problem related to that variable, e.g. wrong addressing, no read access to the variable in the PLC, etc., but also general communication issues.

    Normally, invalid communication (red dots) is caused by wrong variables addressing, wrong driver-connection parameters, misconfiguration of the PLC, the PLC does not respond in a timely fashion way so that the communication runs into a timeout (you can find more details in the documentation as below), etc.. Sometimes, it can be necessary to change driver parameters, but as you described the issue, in advance I believe this can be caused by variable-specific issues.

    Online documentation reference:
    Manual > Variables > Screen variable-diagnosis
    Manual > Tools > Diagnosis Viewer
    Manual > Status processing > Status bits > Invalid [INVALID]

    Alternatively, I would go for a network sniffer.

    If still you cannot find the root of the issue alone, I would strongly recommend you to contact your local support team.

    Do not share sensitive information, such as log files, in an internet environment like the forum.

    Good luck.

    David Cerdeira

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