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    When i navigate in the SCADA-application it cost time to load some objects. This shown bij a red figure next tot the icon. Is there a way to speed up Zenon?

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    Can you be a little bit more specific?
    A slow runtime can be the result of many problems: 
    - misconfigured archives 
    - misbehaving API code 
    - ...etc. 

    Furthermore your title says "red blocks", are you may having trouble with your driver? 


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       This is a screenshot of the red block.  If Start run time this is what Zenon show in every image or numeric box. it just appears for a second
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    Hi JohnBar,

    The red square or red block, can be an indication for the variable status "INVALID". This variable status is set by the driver, when a communication error has occurred. Communication errors can occur for various reasons. Communication errors can result in a delayed response or in a delayed update of the variables displayed in the screen. Especially if variables are only used in screens and the driver is in a timeout waiting for a response from the PLC.

    The red square can also be an indication that the driver is stopped. This would be specific to your project.

    I'd suggest reviewing the logs of the diagnosis server, utilizing the zenon diagnosis viewer, to establish if there are in fact communication errors. If there are errors in the communication, establish the reason and try to resolve these.

    Best regards,

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