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Thread: S71200 communicatin problem

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    I have established a communication with siemens S71200(via S7TCP driver) from Zenon 8.0.If there is a small communication drop the connection is completely failed and it is not reconnecting only if I go to editor and open close the driver properties its working again. May I know the reason or solution for this


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    Hello Sandeep,

    I will hypothesize what can be causing the behavior depicted, but please note, if this does not help you, I strongly recommend you to contact your local support or sales representative.

    After the connection break, it can happen that the S7TCP32 driver is using the IP address of the primary connection, but the TSAP of the secondary connection that is not valid, e.g. it does not exist in the controller.

    Note that the IP and TSAP are independent configurations, so that:
    - if an alternative IP is configured, it is used.
    - if an alternative TSAP is parameterized, it is used.
    - by default, the S7TCP32 driver sets the secondary TSAP = primary TSAP.

    To resolve the issue, if it is not being used the secondary connection, you can remove the respective TSAP:

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira
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    Rotes Gesicht AW: S71200 communicatin problem

    Dear David,

    Issue solved,,,Thank you


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