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Thread: VSTA editor problem

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    Default VSTA editor problem

    i can't open my VSTA editor anymore. vba works very well. i've tried all of them, backup and restart computer.

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    Hello Clarissesig,

    It could be that you have deactivated VSTA in the zenon6.ini you find this config under 

    check if all is set to 1 under vsta


    Tobias Ritschel

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    Default Re: VSTA editor problem


    I had the same issue.
    Do not know fore sure what fixed it.
    I checked the settings in ThisProject.designer.cs  in C:\ProgramData\ABB\SQL2012\xxxxxxx\FILES\zenon\sys tem\VSTA\CSharp\ProjectAddin\
    that contain an entry to the project id xxxxx.
    The entry xxxxx was not correct it was the name of an old copy of the project.

    The I tried restarting the editor but same problem.

    Then I started installation of zenon editor (to check that no additional tools are missing) 
    I closed the installtion since no software was missing.
    After closing the installation I could open the editor.


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