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Thread: Report Viewer Export/Print won't work

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    Default Report Viewer Export/Print won't work

    Hi All,
    Since we have upgraded Windows on our server, I have a problem with Report Viewer Export/Print function.
    I am using it in two ways. Once to generate AML Report and once for generating report of actual values.

    I attached DiagViewer logs and screen from it generated when function starts.

    Can anybody tell me, how can I solve it?
    Loading backup on server is not possible.

    Best regards,

    I am using Zenon 8.00 SP 0 Build 53129
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    Default Re: Report Viewer Export/Print won't work

    Dear aremus1,

    Welcome to COPA-DATA Forum.

    Without having more detailed information, please have a look in the editor for the function responsible of the report file export. This should be the type "Report Viewer: Export/print".

    Make sure the target file name and path are valid and can be written in the target OS. If the file path is set by a zenon variable, make sure this contains a valid pathname for the report output.

    If still this does not help, please contact your local support team so that you get further help.

    Good luck.

    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira

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