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Thread: Report Generator - Write value to hardware

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    I want to use the max, min result in report generator to write value to internal variables. I have read help file that has function for this purpose
    Write value to variable

    To write a value from the Report Generator to a variable, enter the variable name, the "value" property and the cell that contains the value to:

    =variablerw(variable name,"value",cell)

    I tried to use it but unsuccessful . Please guide me how it work.


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    Hi mytom,

    Thank you very much for your post.

    In fact the variablerw syntax should be as: =variablerw("target_variable", "value", ACTUALVALUE)

    Please note to write a value to a variable using the variablerw the report must be executed, not only displayed. For that, you can use the screen specific functions "Write all values" or "Write selected values or the zenon function "Report Generator: execute".

    It is also very important to notice that writing to reports it is only possible if the "Reporting: Report Generator and Report Viewer" module is licensed.

    I strongly suggest to read the help topics:
    Manual > Reporting > Report Generator > Engineering in the Editor > zenon functions for Report Generator > Report Generator: execute

    For demonstration purposes only, I attached a sample v8.00 project to this message. It is very friendly and easy to use.

    Good luck,
    David Cerdeira

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