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Thread: To Write Value in Variable with Status

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    Default To Write Value in Variable with Status


    Is it possible to write the variable with status in zenon?
    I have tried using below program.

    Sub Dummy()
      thisProject.Variables.Item("T01_1_2_Command").SetValueWithStatusEx 1, 1078067200, 65545, Now, 666
    End Sub

    Using this program I Get the value of variable but status is not updated.
    Variable used of IEC60870_104 driver (TID=45,COA=1, IOA=2).

    Please suggest any setting to do.

    Rahul I.

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    Default Re: To Write Value in Variable with Status

    In IEC60870 protocol the command variables are 'write-only'; and the T45 communication frame (ASDU<45>) contains only value; no status (quality), no timestamp. So, when you execute this macro, it will happen exactly the same as when you set value to this variable via screen element or function 'write set value' (or action in command processing): the driver sends the value to the PLC (to 870-slave) as a 'direct execute' command. 
    The driver sends only the value - as it is no technical possibility to send anything more. And when PLC responds this command - then the driver updates the value of the zenon T45 variable; and also updates the timestamp and status of this variable according this response from slave.

    In case of command execution in IEC60870 protocol (assuming the 'direct execution', so no 'Select' before): after set value to the command variable the driver will update the value, timestamp and status up to 3 times: send command (activation), received acknowledge (activation confirmation) and received termination. See variable status bits COTx ('Cause of Transmission').    

    Note: to make the iec870 driver to send the 'Select' you would have to use module Command Processing (the Energy Edition). In this driver you cannot trigger 'Select' by VBA, nor by "normal" set value from screen elements or functions.

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