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Thread: Recipe Search in runtime

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    Default Recipe Search in runtime

    Hi All

    Im running zenon operator 8.00 with standard recipes and the process requires lots of slightly different recipes.

    Is it possable to filter/search the recipes by typing the first few letters in the runtime? to help the operator find the correct recipe faster.


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    Hi JamesPressure,

    In this case, I would recommend to use the Recipe Group Manager, since, as its name indicates, "Standard Recipes" are pretty standard and they cannot be filtered.

    On the RGM screen, you can have a "Recipe List" that you can filter:

    With RGM you can also group similar or related recipes, to make it easier to find/use them.

    Best regards,
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    Other recipe viewer object properties allow to change you things like background colours, column sizes, headlines and many more.

    There are no Recipe Viewer properties that include recipe actions (e.g.: ‘transfer to controller’ button). All of these have to be done using basic objects like buttons, and correct VB.NET functions.

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