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Thread: Zenon OPC UA Server Issue

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    I am using Zenon Version 7.60, here I am using STRATON to simulate an OPC UA Server. I have configured accordingly and tested internally with OPC expert on the local host and it is working perfectly fine. Now the problem arises when try to fetch the data from my production server. There is a firewall in between where the corresponding OPC port is opened for communication. When I extract the variables, they are displayed. But when I see the status in Zenon it is showing as INVALID. Even the OPC Expert in the Server is showing the Status as BAD. Our IT Team suspects the difference in Operating system. The OPC UA Server is running on Windows 7 SP1 and the Server which is fetching is Server 2012. Will there be a problem in Exchanging of Certificates between the different OS? If NO what can be the reason behind this? Is there any other port to be opened for data flow?

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    Dear Praveen Kumar Karthikeyan,

    I don't know the OPC Expert application you are referring to and therefore don't know what the status "BAD" means.

    When you are using the zenon OPCUA32 OPC UA driver to communicate the variables from the straton OPC UA server, the status INVALID could mean a number of things. It could be that the communication cannot be established at all. This can happen for to a number of reasons, like the failure to establish a TCP connection or indeed also application instance certificates when secure communication is being used.

    If possible, start by doing a wireshark capture on the machine with the zenon runtime and the OPCUA32 driver. You'll be able to see if a TCP connection can be established to rule out any firewall issues. You'll then be able to see if an OPC UA secure channel can be established, if a session can be created and can be activated and if the OPCUA32 driver can create a subscription with corresponding monitored items. If all that succeeds, another reason for the INVALID status may be, the actual quality of the variables in the straton runtime.

    Please note, that the 7.60 straton OPC UA server has been discontinued and is replaced with a new implementation available from version 8.10.

    Best regards,

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