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Thread: Zenon Trending Issues

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    Hi, I curious about the Zenon historian function. Hope someone can enlighten me.

    1. I have set a historian for a variable let's said variable A with cyclic 1 min. Save cycle is 1 day.
    2. Then I have set another historian for same variable under user-defined function to start and stop archive. Save cycle is 14 hours.

    Here my questions, would the historian of number one will be deleted when I have setting up number 2 and reload Runtime online?
    Let's said I have done the setting for number 2 and reload the Runtime at 1400 hours  20 May, would the historian for number 1 will deleted or disappear for 19 May at 1400 hours until 1400 hours 20 May. What I meant is would the system couldn't record the data or save the data if I reload Runtime online before the save cycle time.


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    Dear shaun,

    thank you for your post.

    In general, configuring a new or other archive does not influence other existing archives, even if they are running already in the runtime.

    1 and 2 archives are different and independent archives, therefore the configurations applied to 2) have no effect on 1) in the runtime.

    Please note that although the same variable is present in both archives, this only means that the variable will be archived twice using different archive parameters.

    I hope this answer helps you.

    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira

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