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Thread: Can zenon read data from a *.csv file

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    Default Can zenon read data from a *.csv file


    I have a *.csv file with variable.value and variable.timestamp. How can I use zenon to read data from *.csv file to adapt with internal-variable.value and internal-variable.timestamp. Type of variable is real.

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    Must it be an internal variable? Would be easier with a stratonNG variable…
    To set the timestamps of an internal variables you have to configure in project.ini (v. 7.50) the INTERNALDRIVERWITHSTATUS=1 or, in 8.00: project - 'Runtime settings' - 'State/Timestamp for Intern Driver variables'. Else internal variables have the local timestamp - the moment of value change, and you cannot manipulate it. But with activated option all internal variables are the licensed tags, thus to take a process variable could be a better choice.
    In zenon Logic you can pro 1 cycle read a line of CSV file and update the value and timestamp of the stratonNG variable accordingly. Then each cycle will transfer one variable value and time to zenon.
    zenon Logic supports file operations and has also FBs to set the timestamp of the variable (while changing its value), e.g. SymbVsiSetDate(), *Time() and VsiSetDate(), *Time().

    I'm moving this thread as it is nothing specific for Energy.

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    Default Re: Can zenon read data from a *.csv file

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    We can use stratonNG variable. Could you please give me more detail to do this - I'm not an expert on program

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