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Thread: Linking Rule, several entries sytax

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    I have some concern with substitution.
    The unique part of the string that I want to replace occurs twice in the variablename.
    For example I want to replace K1 with K2 in the two example variables below


    should look like this


    The string between the two "K1" is not consistent in lengt or characters.

    I have tried *K1* and it's only replacing the first occurence.
    I also tried *K1.GND:F-J-K1* and it works but only for object where the string matches.

    It says in the manual that several entries can be separated by a ; but I'm not getting it to work.
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    Hello Tobiasto,

    It should work just with "K1" and "K2", if you are directly substituting on variables. The dialog will show you an example of the result of the substitution:

    But, if you are using substitution on switching screens, and if you are using the static substitution, you will need to write almost the whole name:

    There are other options besides the static substitution, like {PARAM} or indexing variables, that may be more useful. You can find more information about this on the help.

    More information could be helpful, like your zenon version, how and where you are actually doing this substitution, or what is your goal.

    Best regards,
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    For the substitution the semicolon separator ; works only while substituting in symbols, but not in the screen switch function.

    In the function the variable (function, alias) name are substituted only once - by the first matching rule. So in the function you have to add as many rules as there are possible strings between "K1" parts. And it will be much easier to work in th second tab of the function - in tab 'replace indices' (not 'replace links'). Here an example (using also the {PARAM} mentioned already by Steffi):
    Click image for larger version

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    An alternative would be to rename variables - or their Identifications - to some strings more comfortable for dynamical substitution. Note: the replace rules in a function can use Name or Identification.

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    Thanks for all the advices, I guess the best thing would be to make up some new variable names, but thatís not an option.
    In my case, it is linking of a screen element, and it can be solved, but I need to put in the name to be replaced more than once, se screenshot, but I can live with that.
    The Replace indices with {PARAM} looks interesting, but I guess it canít be used on for linking symbols placed on a screen.

    /Regards Tobias
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    The replacement for symbols is done by Editor, then in the compiled project all references by symbols are substituted. The compiler produces as many symbols as you have placed on screens (and, eventually, substituted).
    Alternative: you can define in symbol editor some of the properties - e.g. variables linked to combi-elements there - to be released. Then for symbols placed on a screen you can link the wished variables to the right property.

    The replacement in 'screen switch' functions is done dynamically in the Runtime. The compiler produces only one screen and one function, and the Runtime makes dynamical substitution using the {PARAM}.
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