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Thread: C# program executed cyclically - Zenon 8.00

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    Default C# program executed cyclically - Zenon 8.00


    I'm developing a C# program to read data from .txt files and write this data in zenon variables. This application intends to be executed cyclically by zenon (i.e. each 2 hours).

    I would like to know what is the best way to implement it, if using the VSTA or the SharpDevelop. Also, what is the zenon mechanism to execute the C# programs in background?



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    Default Re: C# program executed cyclically - Zenon 8.00

    Dear Carlos,

    did you have a look on or file driver? Maybe he can do what you need without programming.
    File operations could also be done using zenon Logic, our integrated soft PLC.

    If you prefer programming I'd suggest to take a look on our AddIn framework.
    For your task I would go for a runtime wizard that performs the requested task when called.

    The recurring calling of your wizard could then be done by zenon time control standard functions.


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