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Thread: Beckhoff(v2.11 & v3.1) <> Zenon(v6.51 & v8.0) communication

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    Default Beckhoff(v2.11 & v3.1) <> Zenon(v6.51 & v8.0) communication

    Hello Zenon Forum,
    We’ve got a specific problem and we hope someone can help us. A client of us has a running Zenon system, this includes several runtime stations who are connected to there own CPU in the field. The system is built up like a tree:
    • 1 Management application
    • Underneath 4 supervisor applications(one for each line)
    • Each line has 4 operator application(one for each part of a line)
    The goal of my project is to place extra supervisor systems in a new operator room. For this new systems. I used a copy from the original runtime files.
    Each supervisor system does also have a direct ADS communication with the CPUs belonging to the operator application underneath it. I’ve got a problem with the communication between the new supervisor systems and the line CPUs.
    The new supervisor system has an installation of Zenon v8.0 and is running runtime files from original application Zenon v6.51. This is done course we couldn’t order a Licenses for v6.51. With the installation of Zenon v8.0 we installed the TwinCAT v3.0 Drive who is available on the DVD/ISO.
    We have setup all the TwinCAT Routes needed. Only we’re still not getting any communication between the system and the CPU. It is possible to ping the CPUs so there is a network connection.
    Does anyone know if there needs to be something extra configured between the Driver and Zenon?

    Installed software
    Original application                               Zenon v6.51
    Runtime for new supervisor system        Zenon v8.0
    Beckhoff TwinCAT CPU                           TwinCAT 2.11
    TwinCAT Driver on Supervisor system     TwinCAT 3.1

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