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Thread: Reset Data on a Preset Period

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    Hi, I have a meter used to measure the maximum demand of active power at the interval of 30 minutes and created a historian for it.
    Is it possible to record it throughout one month and reset the value at the end of the month automatically?
    Ep. Historian collect data from 1 April until 30 April and reset it at the time of 11.59pm on 30 April.
    I'm need a solution to collect the data and reset it as this kind of trend throughout a year.

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    Hello Shaun,

    the "Metering Point Adminstration" may be used to create a list of all your meters and calculate the energy consumption within a configurable time range based on an energy meter value.
    Actually, the calculation is done by a VACO function block in zenon logic. If you just need the calculation you can also directly configure the VACO.

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    I'm not sure what exactly you want to reset, anyway - I suppose the solution would be 'aggregated archives' (more in help).

    But the Historian cannot reset the value of a variable in the PLC. Historians are recording what PLCs are delivering. Thus, if you want to send same "value reset" command (?) to the PLC you have to configure set value procedure (e.g. function called by time control) independent of archiving system.

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