I have one standalone Zenon runtime PC, Communication via IEC60870-5-104 with one redundant Sicam AK3 system, (consisting of tho AK3 with internal voter logic).
My settings on the Zenon driver are these: Redundancy according to Edition 2.0.
Communication is working, the driver is establish Connection with both AK3, but if the system Changes Active CPU, the driver still listening on the primary.
If I make a manual switchover via driver command 104_MANUAL_SWITCH it starts to work again.
What are the conditions that makes the driver shift to secondary Connection ?
I only have spontaniously signals, shouldnt it be som kind of polling or internal watchdog in the driver that handles this desicion.
On the sicam side I have some options to make when the CPU is passive.
Stop send time setting TI103
Stop send test command TI107
Shutdown the ethernetport
If I select the last one, it works, but leave an alarm on the RTU.