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Thread: Licensing problem

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    Hi all,

    I'm able to successfully install Zenon 6.22 SP1 but the dongle licensing isn't working. When I enter the Serial Number and Activation key it prompts me with the message:

    'The entered license information isn't valid. Please enter the two numbers exactly, as they are on you license sticker. Care for case sensitivity.'

    Now, the same licensing is valid on any other PC where I install the software and put the same serial number and activation key. Keep note of the fact that all the computers are running the same windows and are with the same specification.

    Help me out please :-|

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    please take care, that the dongle must be attached to the PC, and also must be correctly recognized by the dongle software (wibu key) in the control panel.

    The first thing you may want to check, is if your dongle is correctly recognized, by the wibu-key software.

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