I have a problem with delay in reaction matrix in zenon energy 8.00.
I'm using a 61850 driver with Report Enable (All my data points are tagged with COT0, COT1 ). I configured a Binary Rema with a short delay (5s) to create a new entry in alarm list for the exceeed time of intermediate position (value 2) of a DPI Position point of a Swithgear.

I receive correctly the intermediate state but the ReMa if the 5s intermediate position time expired, doesn't create a new entry in my alarm list.

If I set up a 0s delay, the entry in alarm list is showed (but to early!).
If I try to run the driver in simulation mode and then I force the intermediate state, the ReMa create correctly a new entry in alarm list after 5s.

I think that the ReMa is correctly configured, but i don't know why with the real 61850 driver, i can't set up a Delay on a new entry.

thank you for the answer!