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Thread: file format supported in 3d configurator

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    Frage file format supported in 3d configurator

    hi everyone, I want to know What 3D file formats does zenon support(can be inported into 3D configurator) and the maximum file size supported for each format?
    thanks for your time

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    Hello alfaexec,

    The 3D configuratior can support the following file formats up to a size of 50MB (due too performance reasons):

    • *.OBJ
    • *.3DS
    • *.STL
    • *.DWFX
    • *.STEP
    • *.STP
    • *.JT

    can also be found in our Help under Manual > Tools > 3D Integration > General

    Tobias Ritschel

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    Default AW: file format supported in 3d configurator


    is there a file Format for 3D which is more performant than others? I had it tried with *.Step and *.stl. STL was a little bit better than STEP, but you have to wait a Minimum of 20 seconds till a screen is opened and can be used. Usability is different, or?
    Is there anyone who already use 3D-Objects in Zenon? What is your experience with it?

    Best regards

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