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Thread: Zenon Runtime Has Stopped Working (DEBUG)

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    Default Zenon Runtime Has Stopped Working (DEBUG)


    When RT is started , I get a warning (you can see in attach).  If I don't choose debug, it closes RT. 
    What is the reason and How can I solve it?

    Thank You,

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    Default Re: Zenon Runtime Has Stopped Working (DEBUG)

    hello zeynal.sabas

    The message on you screenshot is the default windows crash message, in order to get your problem solved i would recommend to contact your local support and provide some additional infomation like what where the steps that happend bevore the crash appeard. also a project backup can be usefull.

    If you want to do research on your one you can also activate the diagviewer (can be found in the zenon startup tool under tools)

    Tobias Ritschel

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