Hello everyone!

I'm using Zenon Logic to check if a 61850 variable on Zenon (External Visibile) is Invalid through VsiGetBit

IsInvalid := vsiGetBit ( {QSACC!QSACCUPCIN/DP8GGIO6/DPI1/stVal[ST]}, 18 )

But in the first 10 seconds of start of the Runtime, the driver 61850 is going up while Zenon Logic is already run but IV_Bit is 0 and compromises logic even if I assign an initial value (My internal variable "IsInvalid" with initial value 1 is overwritten by 0 by the function VsiGetBit).

How I can introduce an operator like IsOnline() on VBA to check if in my Zenon Logic the variable is online and then check if is Invalid or not ?

IF (unknown operator or method like VBA isOnline () = true) THEN
    IsInvalid := vsiGetBit ( {QSACC!QSACCUPCIN/DP8GGIO6/DPI1/stVal[ST]}, 18 )

Thank You!