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Thread: Database cannot be opened

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    Default Database cannot be opened

    Does anyone know how to solve database cannot be opened in zenon version of 7.60 that installed in OS system of Windows 2012 Server R2? 
    Is it database problem will influence restore backupfile function? As for my case, the backup file can be selected but there was no showing any information regarding the file such as editor version, name etc....and the most important is the 'OK' option grey out. 
    There was no error during installation.
    Any solution for my situation?

    Thanks and regards.

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    Default Re: Database cannot be opened

    Dear shaun,

    this is most probably a misconfiguration or an issue related Editor access to the zenon SQL database instance where the Editor project files and data is saved.

    Therefore I strongly suggest you to go through this checklist.

    You can also find other identical threads in the forum. For example: Cannot open project

    Good luck.

    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira
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