Hello everyone!

I have a question that I can't explain myself.
I'm using Zenon 850 Driver with a Static assignement RCB (Buffered and Unbuffered).

If I browse online the Data Model of my IED (for example with IEC Browser or IED Scout)  when my project is running I can see that only the buffered report control blocks are ENABLE (RptEn=True). The others ones (Unbuffered) are not enable and not reserved (RptRsv=FALSE & RptEn=False).

If I import on my Zenon DB the data point of the URCB, I can see by Variable Diagnosis screen that URBS variable are RptEn=True and RptRes=True.
The report seems to work correctly but why there is this discordance from Data model online on my IED and the variable on my Zenon Driver? 

Why I can't reserve a URCB on Zenon ?