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Thread: Report viewer "Create Excel file" name

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    Default Report viewer "Create Excel file" name


    I configured a report using Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder, so far everything is good.

    When I press the button "Create Excel file", a excel file with the name Report_%project_name%.xls is created successfully.

    My question is, is it possible to change the name which is given to the excel file? would it be possible to configure unique names (like a time stamp)? I ask this because each time I press the "Create Excel file" button the previous file is overwrite, I want to conserve all the reports as excel files without actions from the end-user.

    Thank you and best regards.

    PS: I am using Zenon 7.60.
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    Default Re: Report viewer "Create Excel file" name

    Hi fabian2019,

    Yes, you can use placeholders on the name, like <DateTime>

    For using them, you will have to create your own function to export the report

    Once that you are on the function, just right click over the name of the Report, and a context menu will be opened with the possible place holders. Just select one and it will be automatically inserted.

    You can also use a variable to select the name of the Report, instead of using an static name

    You can find more information on the help: Manual --> Reporting --> Report Viewer --> Engineering in the Editor --> Export or print function report

    Best regards
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