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    Hi All,

    I am developing one SCADA applications for a pharma company and they have introduced a concept of Golden graph for their project. in which One batch report if saved as golden recipe or golden graph is compared with another batch report and needs to be compared continuously with current batch in form of trends to compare the deviation.

    I need to know how to overlap two trends as i will create one trend as golden trend and through visibility the user can enable or disable it.

    Please let me know if anything is possible.

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    in the configuration dialog for the screen switch function to the trend screen navigate to the page "X-Axis". There youŽll find a checkbox for "Compare second time range". Activate it.
    When executing the function in the Runtime, there will be a dialog where you can select two time ranges (of batches). The curves for both time ranges will be superimposed.

    kind regards,




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