Hi Guys
I am facing a difficulty, help me if you could give any solution.
I am having a Virtual Machine with 200GB of RAM, 3.5TB of Hard disk and 4 Xeon Processors.
Now telling about my project, I have the following
1. 22 Sub-Projects
2. Nearly 3 Lakh Variables
3. Over 50 Drivers (IEC-61850)
4. Total 65 Historians (Almost all variables in Historian)
5. 22 Zenon Logics
6. 3 Process Gateways
The Application was fast initially, but after adding projects it started hanging terribly. When I see the Task Manager the CPU Usage never Exceeds 30% and Memory usage never exceeds 25%.
Is this a limitation of Zenon ? If not what to be done to make the application utilise the Hardware entirely.
The Reload Function is not working, and the SQL Export function for few projects are also not working.(This function is working if I run the Project seperately).
Many times the Runtime never starts even after 4-5 hours.
Any solution to handle these many projects??