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Thread: Zenon Schedule read information in VBA

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    Default Schedule read information in VBA

    I'm trying to read the Schedule settings of a specific Schedule Group and add the information in a string? I'm not able find a way to access the information set by the user in the runtime in a Schedule, is it possible to read it somehow. The full extent of what I want to achieve is to get all the settings within a Schedule and add them to a string something as:
    Monday_Schedule {((8:00,ACTIVE),(17:00,INACTIVE)), ((8:00,ACTIVE)),
    ((8:00,ACTIVE),(17:00,INACTIVE)), ((8:00,ACTIVE),(17:00,INACTIVE),
    (19:00,ACTIVE),(23:30,INACTIVE)), ((8:00,ACTIVE),(17:00,INACTIVE)),
    ((00:00,INACTIVE)), ((10:00,ACTIVE),(17:00,INACTIVE))}
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