We have to connect a Zenon Supervisor (OPC DA Client) with a third party SCADA (OPC DA Server) in the same network (actually there will be connected in the same ethernet switch). I was reading the manual and you donīt recommend use OPC Client in network (you said only local connection are supported). Also, third party vendor will not accept use OPC UA (that means buy license for them), neither other protocol; and i think it will be very difficult install our Zenon software in their computers (neither OPC datahubs like Matrikon or Cogent).

However, they accept do some test together (modyfing DCOM and other settings) in laboratory to establish OPC DA communication before go to site. The question is: itīs possible establish the communication working together (I know itīs the complex way), or itīs no possible to establish this kind of communication?.

Thanks in advance for your support.

José Luis Torres