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Thread: Start/Stop Arvhive on PLC Trigger

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    Hello I've got an Archive, which basically logs some temperature and pressure data. I want to start archiving the data based on a PLC flag. i.e If the Flag is TRUE then start archiving, and if flag is FALSE, stop archiving. This should all be done without much operator interaction. The PLC code set the archive to true and false when the conditions are right. Can this be done?

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    If you define your archive to have a user defined start / stop, you can use the zenon functions "start archive" and "stop archive" and link these functions to a limit of the boolean variable in the PLC, for TRUE resp. FALSE. (maximum 1 resp. minimum 0)

    This way the archive is not running when the runtime starts, then when the variable in the PLC is true, the limit function "start archive" is executed, and the archive is running. When your PLC variable is FALSE, the limit function "stop archive " is executed and your archive is stopped.

    This is also commonly used in combination with a string variable for batch archiving. Using the value of this string variable at the moment the archive is stopped, you can build up batch filter and have a unique ID for each run of the archive.

    You can also have an archive which is started and stopped with the runtime, but uses triggered archiving. This means that the archive is continuously running, and when the trigger variable is TRUE, one value is written in the archive.

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    I have tried implementing something similar in zenon 8.00, but am trying to use a variable related to whether a recipe was loaded successfully to the PLC or not as the start trigger. We have a reaction matrix set up to execute the start archive function when the recipe is loaded correctly ( =1) and then stop the archive as part of the end of lot sequence (a function in a script that's executed when the end of lot flag goes true). However, we have found that the recipe load status variable stays at 1 after the recipe is loaded; it should reset to 0 when loading the next recipe and then 1 again once that as been executed succesfully.

    My question is: when the recipe load variable = 1, is the start archive function executed just once and then not executed again until there is a change of state (i.e. to 0 and then back to 1)? 


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    In reaction matrix - this linked with your recipe load status variable - activate by value 1 the check-box 'treat each change of value as new limit violation'. Or add in rema the evaluation of value 0.
    The function linked to the limit entry in rema (or to the limit defined directly by variable) is trigged when value was in another state as this limit and then changes to this limit. 

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