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Thread: Start Program error with parameters

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    Daumen runter Start Program error with parameters

    Hi all,
    we are trying to execute a program on violation of limits.

    The external program must receive some parameters like:

    @alarm.ctime @alarm.ctimemilli @alarm.stext

    the problem is that @alarm.stext is something with spaces inside and the external program must receive it with " "

    So we have tried a parameters string like

    @alarm.ctime @alarm.ctimemilli "@alarm.stext"

    but in this way the external program receive this parameters:


    So zenOn doesn't send anymore the converted alarm parameters but a text version of it.

    We use zenon 6.22 SP1 Build 7


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    what you could do, is enter the alarm limit text which contains the spaces, between "".

    so the limit text would be "my alarm" instead of my alarm

    You can also use another character, e.g. # and evaluate the string in your application, if it starts with "#" then replace the first and the last character.

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    Default Re: Start Program error with parameters

    also you could use the limit text \"my alarm\", this way using the escape character "\", indicating that the next character must be treated special in the string, in the external application.

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