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Thread: Tagging of Switchgear Equipments

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    Default Tagging of Switchgear Equipments

    Hello all , 

    For my one of project, I want to be able to add a tag for switchgear equipments . For example when CB is under maintanence at SS , operator should be able to tag CB like adding a note or in a real life operator puts a tag ,key ,... So someone can understand that the CB is untouchable or it has some informations , also when I tag the CB control window should be locked , also I can separate them as a class ,

    For example When I tag it as a Holding tag should not be able to control or  Information tag should show the note etc. 

    Please suggest something for this issue. 

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    Default Re: Tagging of Switchgear Equipments

    If you are using the Command Processing module, then for this functionality there is a special Action type - 'Lock' (DE: "Sperre") and dedicated screen elements for Command Screen, to make user possible to enter his individual code and comment why his is locking the switch (represented by the 'response variable' - RV, e.g. the position of CB) against any operation.

    A RV can be locked by few operators independently and only when all those people remove the lock - will be operable again. In zenon Network the lock information is synchronized on all stations.

    More in zenon Help:
    Manual > Energy Edition > Command Processing > Configuration in the Editor > Configure command processing > Action types > Action type lock
    ... > Command Processing > Configuration in the Editor > Creating a screen of the type Command Processing > Screen template - standard > Control elements - complete overview
    • Lock List
    • User identification
    • Lock code
    • Execute Lock

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