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Thread: User administration in runtime

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    Default User administration in runtime

    Hello colleagues,

    Please excuse my incorrect English.
    I have no problem to create, delete or edit users by zenon editor, but I have some problems about the user administration in runtime (RT).

    In RT, there is a Screen with the type of "User List" witch call another (edit/new user screen) by some buttons with specific actions.
    In this new screen should be possible to change the complete name, login profile, password, authorization levels, message control, etc.

    I 'm working with an admin user, but there is no possibility to change the complete name, passwords or the message control. I get the same result creating a new user.

    For example:
    Although the complete name box looks operative (white colour) and the "ABC" text is displayed if the mouse pointer stays over the box, I canít write anything (it shows the default text or remains empty).

    Why can't I change the user parameters in RT? Whatís the problem?
    Thanks in advance.

    Software versions:
    Zenon editor version is 7.50 SP0 Build36072 64 Bit
    Zenon RunTime version is 7.50 SP0 36072 FINAL

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    Default Re: User administration in runtime

    Hello Jamax,

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum

    Have you confirmed that the login of your admin user in the runtime, was successful?
    When you can edit users in the runtime in general, using the dialog called via the zenon function, to edit users, it could be that the control elements in the screen are either incorrect or incorrectly configured.

    Maybe it is also possible for you to check this functionality in a newer version. Otherwise you can always contact your local COPA-DATA support representative, for further assistance.

    Best regards,

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