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    Hi, i'm always showing on my zenon the Electric board schema to show the state of the switches and i need to draw it every time.
    is there a way to convert DWG files in to a screen in zenon?    

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    Hi eden212,

    It is possible to import vector graphics (*.dxf) into a screen in the zenon editor, through the context menu of a screen.
    Depending on your needs though, there may be better methods to achieve what you want and save huge amounts of time.

    If your electric screen represents a one line diagram / single line diagram, you can use symbols within symbols to create complete bays or feeders and quickly create a complete representation of a substation using drag / drop. When you use smart placeholders for the variable names at the elements in the symbols, you can have an automatic link to the variables you have created in your project, for circuit breaker status, phase current, voltage and frequency. When making use of automatic line coloring (ALC), the lines are automatically colored based on the status of the circuit breakers and disconnectors.

    When you are using IEC 61850 and have an .SCD file containing an SSD, it is even possible to automate the creation of the single line diagram in your screen, to a large extent. Pilot projects have been successfully completed where the creation of the HMI is almost fully automated.

    Best regards,

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