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Thread: Counting Number of Variables with Revision Bit Active

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    Default Counting Number of Variables with Revision Bit Active


    is it possible to sum together the number of variables that currently have the Revision Bit active and use this number to provide an indication to an Operator in runtime that there currently exists suppressed alarms?

    I can see some System Variables that provide the number of current Standing or Unacknowledged alarms for example, but I can't see anyway of summating based on status bits.


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    Hi adrian.mcgranaghan,

    Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum

    One thing you can do is use the variable diagnosis screen, add all relevant variables in the screen switch function, set a filter for the column status for the revision status, and group on the column for the variable status. This way, on opening the screen, you should see all variables with status revision set and the corresponding number, due to the grouping.

    You could also use a multi binary reaction matrix, link this to all relevant alarm variables, and increment an internal counter variable (internal variable with remanence, using a send value to hardware function, to increment by 1) on each rising edge of a revision bit and decrement the same counter variable on the revision bit going back to 0.

    Best regards,

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