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Thread: OPC DA Server- Client Configuration

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    Lächeln OPC DA Server- Client Configuration


    HMI     : IPC with Zenon 6.51 SP0
    PLC     : PacDrive C600
    Client  : Third Party Software

    I am new to the Zenon OPC server configuration, i would like to ask,

    For OPC DA configuration,

                       1. Which Tunnel software to be used for communicate between Server and Client (Please mention, which is free on licensed).
                       2. Can anyone please share complete manual/documents related to how we configure OPC DA server with Tunnel Software in Zenon.
                       3. By using OPC DA is it possible to transfer alarm to client.?


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    Hi rajeeshk1985,

    In the past, customers have successfully used commercial OPC DA tunneling software. The best help would be the supporting documentation of such products. One thing to consider is that the tunneling software as software application must run in the same user context and session as the zenon runtime and not as a windows service in session 0.

    There are other alternatives possible with zenon. For example a zenon runtime client on the same machine as the system with the OPC DA client software, where the zenon OPC DA server would be used. Using the zenon OPC UA server in the process gateway may also be an alternative, when the third party client supports this. OPC UA is designed to be used over the network and eliminates many of the shortcomings of OPC DA and its related standards.

    Alarms are not transferred via OPC DA, this requires the use of another legacy standard, OPC A&E for which there is no zenon implementation.

    Best regards,

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