I am trying to create a report - kind of delivery note which contains process data as well as data coming from external sources such as SQL server. In the MS Report Builder I was able to add the datasource and the respective data sets (and also preview worked O.K.) but when i execute it within the runtime, it throws the following exception:

System.ArgumentNullException: 'dataType'-Argument darf nicht null sein.~~Parametername: dataType~~   bei System.Data.DataColumn..ctor(String columnName, Type dataType, String expr, MappingType type)~~   bei ManagedReportingWrapper.ReportForm.CreateTableFrom ColumnDescription(String TableName, String[,] sColumnDescription)~~   bei ManagedReportingWrapper.ReportForm.AddTableDef(UIn t32 uTable, String sName, String[,] sColumnDescription)~~   bei ManagedReportingWrapper.ManagedReportingWrapper.Ad dReportTable(UInt32 iTableType, String strTableName, Object oColumnDescription)

Is this possible at all or am I doing sth wrong during the configuration of the report?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,