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Thread: DNP Configuration

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    Hi Philipe,

    I'm quite positive this is a configuration issue and could be resolved.

    IEEE Std 1815 (DNP3) is a standardized protocol and one of the aims is to achieve a high interoperability between devices of different vendors. COPA-DATA has successfully participated in various interoperability demonstrations for DNP3, including those hosted at Distributech by the DNP users group.

    Please feel free to contact your local COPA-DATA support to get further assistance in resolving this issue. In any case we would be interested to learn the reason why it did not work

    Best regards,

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    Lächeln Re: DNP Configuration

    Hola Philipe,
    En el elipse (la parte slave) es correcto, debes colocarlo en "listo para conectar" minuto 3:16.
    Para el lado del zenon (master), debes colocar modo "hardware" en el driver dnp, y en opciones debes colocar "IP (TCP/UDP): conexión de area local*2", y en la conexion debes colocar el IP de tu PC: port:20000. ten en cuenta que el Net address y el dest. address(remote) debes ser iguales y el Poll de las clases colocale el minimo posible (1 segundo).

    No olvides colocar el Net address y el offset a tus variales creadas.

    Att. Piter G.

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