we have 2 issues with the sankey wizard:
-the sankey diagram design area is small. is there anyway to expand it to add more outputs? or maybe it can be fixed in the next builds.
-the wizard takes a lot of time to open since it is loading all variables, archives..etc. this can be acceptable if we have to open it only once, then do everything (like designing diagrams, modifying diagrams) at the same time. so we can design a diagram, then click on save and then go back and design another diagram or modify a diagram... etc . and when we finish we click on finish to export everything saved to xml files. but in the current version, everytime we can do only one thing and then we have to close the wizard and open it again and wait for the loading to finish again and then design or modify the other diagram and so on. which is taking a lot of time if the project is big or if we have more than 1 sub-projects.