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Thread: SBO rejected Error

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    Frage SBO rejected Error

    Hello Team,
    While trying to execute a breaker operation from Zenon I get a interlock text 'SBO rejected'. I had referred to the help in Zenon but could not arrive at a reason/solution. Whether it is a internal interlocking text from IED or is it from Zenon?

    Please suggest what could be a possible reason for this.

    Thank You
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    Default Re: SBO rejected Error

    In generally this is information that the IED refuses the Select command.

    Next possible reason, in IEC61850 protocol, could be the Control Model (*/ctlModel[CF]) = 1 or 3 ("direct operate" - without Select) when the */Oper.ctlVal[CO] variable has activated check-box 'Select before Operate'. The iec850 driver in pervious versions of zenon was "harsh"- if IED's control model for the Data Object does not allows a Select but the engineer of the project had expected it - then driver responds "no way". 
    Since 8.00 the driver will in this case "emulate" Select - so if zenon RT informs driver to do an impossible Select, then the driver acknowledges it for the Runtime; and to the IED sends a command when Runtime requests Operate. 

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